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Infrastructure design & building

... Today businesses are facing extraordinary pressure to support their performance with highest efficiency. Organization needs reliable and secure communication tools to interact with employees, customers and business partners. . There is endless pressure to constantly amplify productivity and maximize profits of the organization. datacenter-design-736px-screen

To tackle this pressure, i-nasa has initiatives aim to promote cost effective, highly efficient and secure solutions for integrated Business and Operations Support. By improving communication efficiency and speed, organization become more competitive and reduces complexity and management costs, enhance system resiliency and improve the efficiency.

i-nasa provides support to build full life cycle of your IT infrastructure. NHS end-to-end IT Services framework contains followings:

High Availability Load Balancing Solutions

i-nasa provides high availability load balancing solutions to maximize application availability in large business organization. It facilitates the performance and reliability of applications and handles rapid increases in the number of end users.


Quality of Service solutions

i-nasa ensures availability, effectively managing resources and prioritizing applications across the WAN by providing Qos Solution. This solution helps network to provide better service to selected network traffic over various technologies. By applying this solution on a big organization the network administrator can have the full Control over resources. Moreover for more efficient use of network resources and for a fully integrated network in the future one can implement Qos solution. Bandwidth optimization and integration solutions

i-nasa provides Bandwidth optimization and integration solutions for business organization to support a large network infrastructure with fully integrated network Data, Voice and Video.

Network Management Solutions

Network Management Solutions provides faster decisions and fix problems before they impact your business with infrastructure management products that optimize your IT infrastructure . Use centralized information to gain the insight you need to act quickly and effectively.

Service Desk Solution

Service Desk solutions provide a cost-effective solutions enable you to reduce the complexity of your IT organization, improve the efficiency of technical support, deliver improved service levels to your end users and increase staff productivity. Service Desk is designed to provide automated electronic support around the clock.

Key features and benefits:

-Improve service quality by proactively identifying and resolving issue
-Deliver single-point-of-contact technical support
-Improve the efficiency and productivity of support processes
-Give you greater control over direct and indirect support costs
-Provide fast, expert advisory support at an affordable cost

This œe-support Service desk solution provides customer-specific window, highly customized end-user entry point, User-friendly environment which allows managing and monitoring the service level life cycle proactively. Traditional support services are expensive, inefficient, and sometimes frustrating. By this solution End-user often can search for the problem and see the knowledge-base.

Wireless Networking Solution

The solutions include various wireless infrastructures for large business organization. The key features include wireless security, performance, deployment, management, and optimization issues. This solution offers to improve Throughput, Reliability, and Security of your network. A secure, scalable, cost-effective solution, wireless networks offer:

-Anytime, anywhere access to information, promoting collaboration with colleagues, business partners, and customers
-Real-time access to instant messaging, e-mail, and network resources, boosting productivity and speeding business decision making
-Mobility services, such as voice, guest access, advanced security, and location, that help you transform business operations
-Modular architecture that supports 802.11n, 802.11a/b/g, and enterprise wireless mesh for indoor and outdoor locations, while ensuring a smooth migration path to future technologies and services

Key features:

-Next-Generation Wireless Networking
-Wireless Network Security
-Unified Communications over WLAN
-WLAN Unified Management
-Radio Frequency (RF) Solutions


-IP Mobility
-Maintain predictable service levels
-Access technical expertise
-increased customer responsiveness
-Real-time data access facilityFaster reaction to market events
Voice Management Solution
Network Hardware Solutions Ltd. provides a comprehensive Unified Communications Solution management.

Key features:

-IP telephony
-Rich media conferencing
-Unified messaging
-Unified communications clients
-Mobility solutions
-Collaborative work spaces
-Contact center

Network Operation solution

i-nasa provides comprehensive, cost effective and One-stop Network operation solution which allows performing a smooth and sound network operation.

i-nasa provides Infrastructure design & building solutions by following Brand’s Product:

Link Basic
i-nasa has successfully completed following Infrastructure design & building solutions project:

–Soler BD

–J. K. company Ltd.